The second half of our epic adventure day around Bali took us to Tirta Empul and then Uluwatu Temple along the clifftops. Both sites breath taking and Ulutwatu had, hands down, the best, the most stunning view I’ve ever laid my eyes on; looking out to sea along the cliff tops at sun set was a pinch me moment. Oh, and sharing said view with haughty naughty monkeys. But first, the holy spring waters at the Tirta Empul temple…

First things first, on with the sarong!

(All temple goers and visitors have to wear these) Tirta Empul brings visitors from all over to bathe in the Holy Spring Water. Hundreds year old pools and statues spout water from a natural spring; Hindus believe that dipping into the pool is a form of purification.

The purification pool had a lively feel and a sense of community unlike other quieter and more contemplative areas of the temple grounds. Anyone was welcome to take a dip, and there would be loud yelps when people first waded into the cold water.

One pond was home to hundreds of koi fish- completely fascinating to watch them when they’re being fed. It’s every fish for themself to catch a morsel.

About half an hour later, we navigated out of the maze of stalls at the exit (seriously, it was a labyrinth) and then made the drive to Uluwatu to catch the sunset over the cliff top. Bali Dad, our guide, zoomed through traffic to get us there on time and one word of advice- mind the monkeys!

To be honest, once I saw the views, I forgot about naughty monkeys and we got along just fine 😉

The timing couldn’t have been better. Instead of going to watch the Kecak Fire Dance at the amphitheatre, we veered far right along the cliff top where the crowds thinned and had unobstructed views as the sun went down.

We could still hear the sounds of the dance in the distance, which gave us an added soundtrack to the evening- I definitely felt in touch with my inner hippie at that moment. How could I not with a view like this!

I have always loved watching the sun set. I was more than happy to share the moment with this one over here, who clearly appreciated it too.

The light turned golden, the sky melted into deep pinks and oranges and it was just… Beautiful. Simple.

And then suddenly, it was pitch dark and I had to get the torch out on my iPhone to navigate our way back to Bali Dad, patiently waiting for us.

Our final stop was dinner on a beach- lots of grilled fish and seafood. I was so wiped out at this point, that I don’t remember much more about our meal. Soon after we were pulling up to our hotel. Bali Dad gave us both a warm hug and within the hour, I was in my bed, freshly showered and thinking of that perfect sunset.

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  • Laura Torninoja

    Wow – those pictures of the cliffs and the sea are absolutely gorgeous. What an amazing spot! That sunset must have been life changing haha x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure