• It’s been 10 years! We moved into this neighbourhood when no one else wanted to and now we’re leaving with two cats and a baby after a bidding war on our home 😱 The removal men came this morning, the flat is echoing as it is EMPTY and I’m wondering if my thumbs will recover from all that box packing. Seven Sisters, so long 👋🏼 Walthamstow, see you soon 😃
  • A wet and gloomy morning...again. It doesn’t stop our littlest cat from hanging out on the roof though. I feel a bit guilty taking him and his brother away from the only home they’ve ever known but then I think about how much more space they’ll have. Like, crazy space- the back garden backs onto a park🥳 Have you moved with pets before? How did you settle them in?
  • It’s been a long slog, and we’re not even halfway through unpacking our things! Slowly things are starting to come together and I can’t wait for normality to set in. We made a trip to IKEA on a Saturday (?!!) and survived and now we no longer risk flashing the neighbours! The cats are confused but curious, the new washing machine was delivered this morning and Ava’s room is 99% finished. We’ll be internet-less and TV-less (😱😱😱😱) until the end of the month but it’s okay- we’re in, we’re in.
  • It’s strange adjusting to a new home. Relearning how to use a new space, getting used to a different layout. I find it weird bumbling my way around the kitchen, unsure where things are anymore. We haven’t unpacked our clothes so every day I rummage through different bags looking for my pants. In fact, I don’t know where anything is most of the time! In other non house news, I booked a couple of local baby classes, I have a wreath making workshop to go to and working on getting a Christmas tree this week! (Because I cant find my pants but I can tell you where the decorations are!) Please to enjoy this photo of Peppy, making himself comfy in our new room, licking his bum ✌🏼
  • Our washing machine was fixed in properly this morning, my mum is here and I’ve been able to put on two loads, tidy up a little and put things into a little order, it didn’t rain, we’ve had a long walk in town, lunch at the famous L Manze eel, pie and mash shop, and I even managed to get a Pret coffee. Today was a little bit of needed normality- getting all my ducks in a row *groan* 🥴
  • I felt a bit unChristmassy, which is not like me as I am ALL about the Christmas season. Taking Ava for a walk through our local park, the guys selling Christmas trees let me take some off cuts home (but I did buy some mistletoe!) I draped them everywhere 😆Will definitely have to get a tree this week now!
  • Time to shake the Christmas table runner out! Shame I don’t know where the iron is 🤷🏻‍♀️😆 the eucalyptus (a husband repellant btw) came from the florist round the corner and makes this corner smell good. I just came back from a baby music class, and tbh think I enjoyed it more than Ava did. It was friendly and fun and I left in a better mood despite the pouring rain! Anyway, don’t let this made up corner fool you, the rest of the house is still in cardboard boxes!