• 9 months is sleeping well (knock wood) lots of laughing and squealing, lots of mess at mealtimes, crawling, and a one sided love affair with Louie (she wants to pet him so bad) Oh, and raspberries- the fruit kind too! 😆
  • A baby obstacle course- which is fitting because although she’s happy to stand and jump, crawling is something she does reluctantly. A commando shuffle crawl it is then 😆
  • Snapped on my way into town after our baby music class this morning. Of course by then, the sun had disappeared and it was chilly and all I had on was a thin bomber jacket and ankle jeans 👍🏼👍🏼 It’s been a rough week with the WORST teething episode I’ve come across yet, but she’s pretty much back to her normal self- I, however, am still feeling delicate! Today is #internationalwomensday and I’m thankful for all the kind messages that lifted me up after my Insta Story rant/meltdown ❤️❤️❤️
  • Morning! We are heading out to see some family in a bit. There’s a McDonald’s breakfast order on the way 😬and then I’ve got to pack everything under the sun into the car. We’re usually gone all day so I pack everything from her meals to her pyjamas to her bath towel and favourite toys and then it spirals because I think, oh spare clothes, spare bottle, spare spoon etc etc and before you know it...we’re late and the boot is full. Anyway, started watching New Amsterdam last night and that is the reason I can’t get up because three episodes deep I just kept wanting to watch the next one-SO GOOD.
  • You can’t see but this girl has 6 teeth in there...with two more on the way. I have been social media silent because T I R E D but also obsessed with our new shelves that I’m trying to decorate. Less scrolling on Insta and more scrolling on all the homeware shops. Back to this baba, whose face lights up when she’s with her Daddy. My favourite.
  • Had a really lovely family day yesterday- last minute as usual (in fact, the only thing we do plan ahead is Christmas 🤣) Ava had a wild time with her big cousins and I feel bad it’s just us again! Nipped over to Osprey and I came home with a teeny felt mouse for the shelf in Ava’s room.
  • Forever being photobombed by my cats. Behind that chunky boy is the pouffe from that I’ve had my eye on F O R E V E R In fact, I might have even decided to paint those doors that deep navy blue so the brass and green would pop 🙈 The new bed is due in a few days (also a made jobby) and then I’ve got to find some brass hardware for the cupboards to replace the current handles ANNNNND maybe then we can move into our new bedroom?!