• An oldie but a goodie! We’re heading to my parents this Christmas instead of hosting this year, and it’s quite a nice change not to have to organise Christmas dinner! Constantly feel like I’ve forgotten something though. With any luck the Sky man will install the telly back today and I can catch up on the Christmas specials because this warm December is not making me feel very festive! (I was out in the garden last night in my knickers calling the cats in- HELLO NEIGHBOURS 😆👋🏼👋🏼) Oh and we had a delicious breakfast at Buhler + Co this morning so this festive week is off to a good start! ETA: we still have no TV. And no internet.
  • When you go to take a snapshot of the new nursery prints but your cat has other ideas 🙅🏻‍♀️ #nope I replaced the prints of baby animals with these colourful Rifle Paper Co ones, and it’s yet another hanging thingy to put on the walls in the house! I never had a theme in mind for Ava’s room but it seems to be veering towards yellow and muted pinks. And mostly Rifle Paper Co 😆
  • She didn’t know much about this Father Christmas business but this guy had a beard she was dying to pull, and then he gave her a present! Win, win!
  • I walk past here every time I walk into the town centre (so, most days!) I took the festive decorations (and tree) down on New Year’s Eve- I feel more organised and ready for a brand new year when everything is tidy and clear! Grinchy or Hinchy? 😆 right, back to solo parenting after two weeks of having Robin home! Wish us luck!
  • Slightly vacant stare, messy bedhead, the little toes wiggling in the feet of her pyjamas...I love that small sliver of time when I’ve just picked her up from her crib and she’s still in sleepy mode. Before she gets too wiggly, before she realises she’s hungry for breakfast, before she starts singing loudly! I plonk her down in the Bumbo so I have that one minute to myself (for the rest of the day tbh) to brush my teeth, have a wee, and splash water on my face before her arms start waving at me to pick her “Up! Up!”
  • Baby- in bed. Husband-actually, not sure. In bed probably. Or gleefully creating little piles of mess. Me- stretched out in front of the telly, snuggling with the littlest pink nosed one. All was well.
  • I’ve been collecting children’s books since Ava was a bean in my belly. Current favourites are the Noisy books with flaps and the That’s Not My...collection of books! The children’s section in Waterstones has become a new go to whenever we’re in town 😍 I came across a book that I enjoyed when I was small, The Jolly Postman or Other People’s Letters- I loved opening all the envelopes inside the book and reading the postcards and notes for all the characters! Couldn’t believe it was still in print so I bought it- even though she won’t enjoy it for a couple more years. What were your favs as a child? Or must have children’s books?