• Arctic tundra today! So what do we do?! HEAD OUT! Maybe not the best idea but we went out for dim sum at our usual haunt, took a very brief whizz around the shops and then home again for bath time (hers, not ours)
  • Daddy’s mini me- complete with enormous appetite and enthusiasm for early morning starts. The first swing of many in our (hopefully) new neighbourhood!
  • Wasn’t planning on leaving the house today (because, cold) but couldn’t resist a trip out for a quick lunch with my NCT pals. Ate some vegetables, walked the long way home through the park, breathed in that sharp Autumnal air and Ava napped for most of it. I got to listen to my Harry Potter audiobook and sip on a coffee. Not bad Monday, not bad.
  • Tomorrow, my mum is babysitting Ava for four days. FOUR DAYS. (We have a wedding to go to this weekend so one night turned into four) I’m so used to broken sleep, preparing bottles and naps or planning where to go that’s baby friendly (and has step free access!) that the prospect of four days of just me is...weird. I might take myself to the cinema. We might even go out out to a restaurant FOR DINNER. I might even take time out to take some real snaps again! 😱 but, four days. Both looking forward to the breather but also dreading it because I know I’m going to miss her 😩
  • 4 days apart, I thought I’d be able to run out for coffee, to the cinema, go shopping, have a good hair day etc etc. The reality was that I actually ended up painting our window sills 👌🏼 By the time we picked her up on Sunday, her first tooth had finally broken through and she grew even more- scarily quickly! And just like that, she’s home from her mini holiday. Who needs sleep anyway? 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Happy Halloween! We had a little teething meltdown so only a quick witch outfit was managed. Later she got her quack on with Donald Duck (but over her PJ’s) Think I love Halloween now!
  • My kitten mittens ❤️ I don’t have a long caption today, but this girl is super smiley lately. Her two bottom teeth are popping through. She’s upgraded to the big size Sleepyhead. She likes prunes and carrots and ‘drinking’ from her sippy cup (99% of it ends up everywhere but her mouth) She’s almost sitting up and loves nothing more than sucking on a label 🤷🏻‍♀️