• “Welcome to my crib...this is where the magic happens. Milk magic that is” Well actually, photo magic really. We had a photographer visit our home today to take photos for when it goes online for sale 😱 She rearranged things around and I’ve decided to keep it that way. Also, can’t be arsed putting things back 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Took Ava to visit her Dad at work today...she napped. Nommed on Sophie the giraffe. Then we took a slow walk home, via Waitrose and a stash of cotton candy grapes, before getting caught in the rain- we stood under a shop awning, umbrella-less, until a police officer took pity and asked the shopkeeper to let us in to wait it out. Now we’re home, she’s had a warm bath and is sound asleep...and I’m half passed out on the sofa wondering why I thought walking home was a good idea! What does any of this have to do with the letter B? Nothing. Nothing at all. It just looked pretty 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Terrazzo tiles! Ever since I saw Mandy Moore’s home renovation on Instagram (seriously, check it out it’s stunning!) I’ve grown a little obsession with this speckled beauty. This one, in a neighbourhood pizzeria near my sister’s house- the floor still in its original retro glory! We’ve got two open houses this week for our home; a little difficult to juggle around Ava’s schedule but if that’s what we’ve got to do to get out and into our new home ASAP, bring it on!
  • With our home being a total fun sponge whilst viewings take place, Ava had the time of her life at her Auntie’s house over the weekend. Big cousins to laugh at and a new play time donut thingymajig to have fun go mad in. As for me, I got a two hour nap with Pickles the cat by my side and a cup of tea I drank whilst it was still hot #luxurylifestyle 🤣
  • Time is just zipping by! It’s full Autumn now isn’t it? I’m always both bummed out Summer is over and excited for the holiday season starting to gear up. So, in case you didn’t know, we sold our flat last week! Listed and offer accepted within a week, phew! With a bit of luck we should be in our new home before Christmas. I got an email from Ocado this morning about booking Christmas delivery slots and in a blind panic I didn’t know what to do because WILL WE HAVE MOVED BY THEN?! I’m so excited to settle into our new home already.
  • Flash back to about a month ago? Baby clothes dilemma- there just aren’t many black items out there? All I want is to dress my daughter like Alia Wang 🤣 I’ve scoured eBay for basic black onesies so I can continue to get more use of out her bunny romper. My K by Mylene Klass does some lovely monochrome clothes but it’s a bit tough to find cool girl clothes!
  • Lunch last weekend, outside in the sunshine- complete opposite to today’s rainy weather! As we ate our tapas (a really great tapas restaurant btw) a pipe band paraded down the street and it was brilliant! Can’t wait to make E17 our home. Robin has taken Ava out for pizza again- which means I get a blissful Baby TV free hour or so to myself! Not really sure what to do- tidy up? Laundry? Sack it all off and just lie on the sofa for a bit? There’s chocolate in the fridge and a Harry Potter film to watch, brb.