Oh, guys. Guys, guys, guys. I said a while back that I had hit a wall with this renovation. I was wrong. That was merely a blip in the road. A few weeks ago, I well and truly hit it. And then hit it again. Hulk smashed it into smithereens. I was tired of sleeping and living out of one room, tired of dusting down the bed and every surface every day and just tired of it all! I wanted a normal home again. All the dust and dirt made this neat freak very unhappy.

Since my last update, the cedarwood fence has gone up, the bifold doors and backdoor have been installed, the walls have been plastered, the roof light winched into place, and our new kitchen is slowly piecing together. Yesterday, the old kitchen was stripped down. It looks like we’re squatting in a crack house. Totally glam.


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The marble tile above is a compromise we’ve had to settle with. Originally, I wanted an all marble kitchen backsplash but thanks to a few surprise costs (*ahemDrainsAndNeighbourlyDisputes*) tiles would be much friendlier to our budget. I liked these Mixara White ones from Topps Tiles; they’re double the size of a metro tile and I quite liked the different textures.

Since everything is quite cool and neutral toned, I chose these Tangier Blue patterned floor tiles for the area outside the bathroom. I think it adds a fun element to the place. The blue colour stands out but still compliments the neutral tones in the new space. It’s also super easy to keep clean, because we use this area to take off our shoes and coats at the end of the day.


Our old kitchen is currently very ‘Derelicte’ 😉

When it was gutted, I came home and found everything from my Kitchenaid, pots, pans and cutlery, boxes of cereal and approximately 8000 pieces of tupperware strewn all over the living room floor aka our sleeping space. Yeah, that wasn’t fun at all. Except the tupperware part. Mum, it’s safe to say you have excelled in the tupperware gifting department!

Naively, we went into this project thinking it would take three months at the most. As of now, we’re about to roll into our fifth month.

Our neighbours hate us, the cats are over it, we’re over it.

It really is the most stressful thing- beyond planning a wedding, beyond moving house and all the other things that are meant to be challenging. I shouldn’t even complain as poor Robin has beared the brunt of all the stress. I’ve heard him growl an angry rawwr a few times during the week :/

This morning, I left a team of builders and electricians to it. This whole not knowing what progress is made until I get home each day is an exciting little game! No, really. I walk through the door and it’s like let’s play Spot the Difference.

I’m hoping my next update covers the kitchen progress- the new white quartz worktops were installed a couple of days ago and some shelves had already been put up so that we could store some mugs and bowls away.

So, wish me luck! The next few weeks are going to be exceptionally dusty and mucky!

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  • Aw I can’t believe it’s taking so long 🙁 if it helps with these things it usually seems like the project is dragging then all of a sudden it will come together like overnight

    Mel ★

    • I’m really hoping these next two weeks get some progress made- just when I think we’re on track, all work stops again! Fingers and toes all crossed (plus a strongly worded email, haha!)

  • It’s gonna be so much worth it once it’s finished. And those blue tiles look pretty! =)

    Honey x The Girl Next Shore

    PS – Lol at the amount of Tupperware you’ve got! That’s v ASEAN!

  • AnnaInternational

    Oh, I feel you. We’re doing the whole house bit by bit, which kind of means nothing ever really feels finished even when it is, and I am resigned to years more dust. I bloody hate dust.
    I really hope it all suddenly comes together super fast and you have your dream kitchen ready. It sounds like you are really nearly there – cosmetics left to go! Best of luck, and hang in there, it will be worth it xx

    • I bloody hate dust too! It’s everywhere. Fingers crossed, these next two weeks really get some progress made at last! x

  • Oh gosh. sounds like a bloody nightmare! Keep telling yourself it will all be worth it in the end. Btw love those blue tiles x