Let’s see, life lately this week has been…pretty nice. A bit of sunshine turns a meh week into a happy-go-lucky one. A weekend of no plans turned into a really nice day when my mum, sisters and nephew came over for a visit, our mud pit garden is now green and also pay day had me feeling like a one day rich girl, ‘why yes, the fancy sushi for lunch why not I am piiiiiimp’ Maybe it’s because Spring is most definitely showing itself lately (the popcorn tree in my garden is in full popping mode) or maybe its the fresh wave of optimism I still have from meeting our new doctor. I’m having a Kylie Jenner style moment of like, realising stuff 😉

Since Pay Day came round, I treated myself to this practically perfect dress from Asos. It’s green, it’s floral, it’s a midi tea dress- my favourite style. I couldn’t add it to my basket quick enough. I haven’t bought anything from Asos in ages because it felt like everything was a little too extra recently (those weird half and half t-shirts, I’m looking at you)

I’ve found myself looking at other shops I don’t normally browse instead- Warehouse, La Redoute, or even Matalan where I have found a few really amazing bits and pieces.

But back to the dress. Thank you Asos for being a little more do-able again!

After dinner with some girlfriends recently, they made me realise that my fertility doctor sounded like an ass. Long story short- we went to a new one this week and I really liked this clinic. Our doctor was lovely, we had a clear cut plan of action, I’m on new meds, and he didn’t make me feel like a fat, ugly toad. The downside? My new meds make me feel queasy AF. I could probably burp the alphabet now. I don’t have a photo to relate to this, so here’s my Bollywood doppelganger in a mustache.


My family aren’t exactly plan ahead types so it was really nice to have my sisters, mum and nephew come over on Saturday at the spur of the moment. My sister and nephew hadn’t seen the place post refurb, so it was a nice little ‘ta-da’ 

We had a little shop, we had a lotta food, and just hung out. I love family fun days.

Oh, and my sister found this Kate Spade heart bag which is so cute I may pass out.

When I started this blog, it was inspired by 2 things. A favourite blogger of mine (farewell Hey Natalie Jean) and an interior design website. This year, I decided I wanted to go back to basics. More personal posts- like this Life Lately series- and less sponsored. Actually, no more sponsored. I think having a lifestyle change has ostracised me from blogging events (I kid! sort of) so it just felt natural to say goodbye to that front.

But making this place less about business and more personal feels like the right thing to do.


It dawned on me that it’s not blogging I want to give up, but rather the ‘rules’ of blogging today. I want to focus on you. The wonderful readers who invest your time coming back here again and again, leaving your lovely comments. You don’t give a toss if my DA is 30, or what my page rank is, or if I went to XYZ Press days. I don’t want to feel guilty because I haven’t kept on top my emails. I only care about putting out the kind of content that I want. My Life Lately series, or the posts where I remember to bring my camera along and find a donkey. I want to continue to blog, my way.

I’ve never felt as freer with my blog than I have this year- thank you for sticking with me!

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  • SOOO funny you mentioned Hey Natalie Jean. When she lived in New York I read her stories every single day and it was the reason I got into blogs. I miss her stuff so much. I also commented on a post by Joy Felicity Jane and we were discussing this exact thing… bringing it all back (funny how the blog world is doing a 180 back to the original roots!). On a positive note, yay for green grass xx

    • Same here! I really miss her blog too- she was just as sweet and witty in real life too, at her London meet up. And Joy Felicity Jane, another blog I love! You and me, we got good blog taste! I do want to scrape it back too. I miss old blogs; I like the ones now, but I just feel like at some point, it got lost along the way a bit in the glitz and glamour of the thing and vlogging became bigger or I don’t know, maybe I’m just an old dinosaur. Me + articulate = blahcan’t.

  • Yay! I love this. Your catchup posts are some of my faves (along with your travel ones obvs!) so excited to hear there’ll be more of those 🙂 xx

    • thanks Katy! These are my favourite kinds of posts to write (and also, I don’t tear my hair out over WHICH PHOTO DO I UUUUSE?? like the other kinds) x

  • I love your catch up posts. They always feel so warm and chatty and they are some of my favourite that you do! xx

    • thank you Amanda- they’re actually my favourite kind to write, so I figured more love and attention on that!

  • Your last point rounded up this post perfectly Angela, I’ve really been enjoying your life catch up and travel posts. It just feels true, which isn’t always easy to come across! Blogging has become such big business lately but reading blogs like yours reminds me to focus on just being a happy blogger 🙂

    Also yay to your new doctor and that Kate Spade bag! I was trawling on ASOS for ages last night, got soo many things in my saved list now…

    Hanh | hanhabelle

    • Thanks Hanh! I think I actually came to this decision awhile ago subconsciously, because all year I’ve just been literally the shrug emoji when it came to the blog. I love blogging! I just didn’t particularly love what I felt caught up in- so yes, much happier to focus on just whatever I want and not worry about statistics or ‘will that put off PR’s’.
      And YAY for my new doctor! I have his direct contact details and he didn’t make me feel silly and I just have a good feeling about this one! Have fun with the Asos list- adding items to the basket feels soooo good! hah!