• 12 weeks! We’ve hit 12 weeks! Time has flown by 😮 We’ve had first real chuckles (at a red balloon wealding dragon on Baby TV 🙄) a few extra leg rolls, and we’ve started to introduce her to her new crib- think she likes it? I put her down for naps in there and hopefully by some time in Autumn she’ll be sleeping in there full time. On one hand I’ll be glad to get my bedroom back to normal but on the other hand, I’ll miss those moments when everyone is all snuggled down at bedtime - cats at my feet and baby by my side.
  • Three years ago today🤙🏼
  • Finally got my hands on one of those big Aldi garden candles that in no way shape or smell resemble Diptyque 😉 Spent most of the night waking up to a fussing and poorly post jab baby so this morning is sponsored by all of the coffee! I’m so glad it’s Friday- by the time the work week wraps up, I am one tired mumma and look forward to the weekend when I can tag team baby duties with Robin.
  • “Not again Muuuuuuum!” - I said it before and I’ll say it again, I REALLY like 3 months! So inquisitive, playful and luckily, not yet mobile 😆 This little lady has a full schedule this week, I swear she’s got more of a social calendar than I have ever had as an adult!
  • Airplanes with Auntie Ismay! Someone’s been a busy bee this week! Meeting lots of her aunties and uncles and getting spoilt- lots of squishes ❤️ She’ll be shocked when it’s back to hanging with just me again!
  • But William Morris, what if your mum is obsessed with gifting you Tupperware? Don’t mind us, just buggying around E17 today.
  • My nephew took what may be my most favourite pic of Ava, ever. Out of shot, Moz the Monster that she is OBSESSED with wrestling and beating up. Clumps of Moz fur in her clenched baby hands at all times. And she’s almost got this rolling over business sorted which means I need to grow a couple of eyeballs in the back of my head, stat.