• I’ve been hearing a lot more recently about people not wanting to show their kids on social media and I completely understand that, but then it began making me feel like I couldn’t ever post Ava on here, that I was committing a big parental no no. I am so proud of my daughter, and I am so proud of me and Robin for everything we went through to have her. So here we go, a really lovely family day where we had the paddling pool out and she waved and I melted. photobombed by Iggle Piggle 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • I think I spent most of the weekend walking up and down Walthamstow. Saturday at the market in the park sharing a crepe with Ava, then the Village festival where we brought home a giant Peppa Pig, Sunday wandering along the farmer’s market and a quick squiz around Crate in St James Street. This pocket of London, still keeping me busy! ❤️
  • Took our usual stroll around the park earlier and watched the Barbican stage of this weekend’s Walthamstow Garden Party being built. It’s a free event and another Walthamstow quirk every year! Love living by the park (but ask me again this weekend when crowds have annoyed me)
  • Trying to keep up with Walthamstow’s social calendar. There’s fun fairs, festivals, art trails, and endless markets. It was the Walthamstow Garden Party this weekend, and even though my attention was mostly on corralling Ava around, I did catch the drum circles and choir! Coming soon, Summer Beach hits the park (no really. Sand and all) Told you, can’t keep up with this place!
  • A stay in bed and read a book kind of day...oh wait, I have a baby! It’s more of a wake up early from a nap and point at a book, any book, but really it’s Peppa Pig At The Fun Fair book kind of day.
  • “10 worms wriggling, waving, goodbyyyyeee” I know it’s only July, and we’re due another heatwave soon, but I’ve been picking up...*whispers* autumn clothes for Ava 😆She’s growing like a little weed!
  • Currently pinning bathroom colours because it’ll be a long time before the family bathroom gets a makeover. It’s currently sporting blue, grey and white faux distressed wood floor tiles 👀 with very pale blue walls. There’s nothing wrong with it but it’s just not my style, in fact it was all brand new before we moved in! Hoping a lick of new paint will make it feel a bit more me? Anyway, here’s a shelfie!