The last few days running up to the long Easter break, a panic settled in. We had no plans. A flurry of text messages later, Edinburgh was booked. Two days later, we were on the early morning flight to Scotland. We booked our one night stay at Fraser Suites, just off the Royal Mile- easy, walkable access to everywhere we needed to go for our brief visit and a lovely view over the city centre (except, if you’d seen my Insta Stories, the view out of our window was a stone wall, hah!) There were no plans, no itineraries, nothing serious apart from catchups with friends. It was just a nice, simple break away from London.

On Saturday, the weather was beautiful. It was sunny and a little brisk, but the air felt fresh. Big blue skies had me feeling like Spring was here! Woo! We took a walk up to Edinburgh Castle – a few minutes walk from our hotel- and took the scenic route down the hill and into town for a coffee.

Later that night, we had sushi for dinner, and went for a stroll before heading back to the hotel because my godΒ I did not pack well for a night in Scotland. I wore all the layers I had brought in my carry on and a last minute wooly hat ‘just in case’ and I was still freezing.

London got me spoilt on the weather front (but probably because of all the pollution, sooooo….)

I woke up on Sunday and Winter had returned. It was wet, it was windy, it was not ideal walking outside all day weather, but after a cute little breakfast at the cafe next door to us (Saint Giles fyi- super cosy and good tea!) I honestly didn’t mind.

The plan was to visit Edinburgh Castle for a couple of hours- my only tip, book tickets in advance! The queue to buy tickets on the day was enormous whereas we were inside the castle grounds within 10 minutes of collecting ours. We got ours directly from the website here, for Β£17 each. This seems steep, but there is a lot to explore inside so it actually seems fair.

We wandered in and around the whole ground- The Scottish War Museum, The Scottish Crown Jewels,Β and into the Great Hall too.

So- Potterheads. This is where you’d be in your element. JK Rowling must have gotten loads of her inspiration for the magical wizarding world here.

The sword in the Scottish Crown Jewel exhibit? Sword of Gryffindor.

The Great Hall? Well, The Great Hall (all it’d need is the House tables)

Even the way the castle juts out of the side of the hill, looks like it could be Hogwarts.

Before we left Edinburgh, we met with some friends, browsed a few shops and were soon back on the bus at Waverley station towards the airport. I was back home in London by 10pm, with my feet up and a mug of tea in my hand AND with Monday to savour at home.

Short and sweet. Thanks Edinburgh. It was braw πŸ˜‰

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  • Love your shots of the castle – so beautiful and moody! I have a soft spot for Edinburgh. Also, I’ve been in the middle of summer and have still needed to wear a thick woollen jumper, haha – we Londoners are definitely spoiled with our toasty pollution blanket! xx

    Tamsin | A Certain Adventure

  • I’m with Laura, it’s so nice to see my city from somebody else’s perspective! Glad you had a good time – you’re right about the weather though it was properly cold that weekend πŸ™‚

  • Yay! So nice to see my current city on a blog πŸ™‚ I love your photos by the way, I’m always so intrigued to see what angles visitors find because they are usually totally different from mine! Glad you had a fab stay. Haste ye back! x
    Laura |

    • Saturday was looovely- most of my pics were from that day. And then Sunday was wet and I put my camera away! I definitely felt like I didn’t take enough pics! But Edinburgh is so photogenic (and everyone so friendly!)

  • I do love Edinburgh, it is such a great place! I think an unplanned trip are sometimes the best, can just do what you feel like on the day!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • Edinburgh is one of my favourite places on the planet. Did you go by Elephant Cafe? It’s where Rowling wrote part of the books! I was completely caught unawares by the cold on an April visit last year and had to buy earmuffs while I was there so I didn’t die of cold whilst climbing Arthur’s Seat. X

    • I didn’t make it to Elephant Cafe πŸ™ We usually pass through Edinburgh on the way to Rob’s home town so there’s always a next time! I got caught out in the cold one time in October and had to buy a hat and gloves, but was a little too optimistic this trip that I’d be okay- again, needed extra layers. I’ll get it right one day!