• Put baby in the buggy and headed to my nearest park earlier. Playgrounds, swings, a lovely cafe and museum and even a path along the canal....shame she slept through all of it! In other 👍🏼 news, I fit back into my pre pregnancy jeans and oh Topshop Joni jeans how I’ve missed you 😆
  • Two weeks in! We’re sleep deprived and a little loopy and I won’t lie there’s been some tears and not from the baby. But in between those tough moments are the sweet ones that give me a glimpse of what’s to come- she can pull a million faces, look like every member of our family, sofa snuggles and the smiles I’m certain aren’t wind related! Motherhood is learning to do everyday things one handed (and in my case, necessary as I’ve got a raging case of pregnancy induced eczema on my hand! ) gosh I love this tiny pink whirlwind x
  • “I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom” ...or so I thought! My camera roll is filled with endless photos of her, my Whatsapp chats are all about poo, farts and baby neck cheese, I’ve been to every park in a 3 mile radius and my ASOS browsing has taken a back seat because baby clothes shopping is so much more fun. 6 weeks in- it’s not easier but you do get better at this baby wrangling thing. Her current favourites are still Daddy and milk, but also smiling, copying mumma’s sounds (mostly AH but still- SO CLEVER) and her bouncer. But her smiles guys. Those smiles, so worth it. #AvaEmme
  • I’m sans bebe this morning! It feels really odd, like I’ve forgotten something (lol, my child) but Ava is at home with her Granny and I am dressed in an actual outfit about to get my hair sorted. I’ve got roots for days and a Rapunzel barnet. And I got a coffee and walked through the City at rush hour like I was Andy Sachs or some other movie montage. Anyway. Hello adult world. Makes a change from Baby TV!
  • Morning! I got to sleep in for a couple of hours and have even had a doughnut & coffee combo for breakfast. This little duckling is fighting sleep (but WHHHY)and umm hello, are you even my child if you don’t like to sleep? Also, is it even a proper bath without a baby burrito in a cute towel? Wondering how to spend this sunny Saturday- her dad has suggested ramen 🤦🏻‍♀️...i’m thinking more along the lines of parks and walks? Suggestions welcome!
  • Sorrrrrrry, I’m sticking this photo everywhere #newprofile #whodis But I love love love it. Ava had her 8 week vaccinations today, three injections in one visit, OOF. Her crying didn’t get me but those little sobs did! 😭Despite wearing a wife beater style vest suit throughout the heatwave, I promise she has actual clothes. I’ve just raided the kids section in Next- basically, take all my money Next. All of it.
  • Coachella ready, baby. I imagine a baby festival would be free flowing milk, big screens of Baby TV and boxes of muslins to help yourself to. Now I’m no longer scared of damaging my baby’s soft spots on her head ( arrrrgggh) I’m having fun with her hair accessories, even though... she could care less. This post is brought to you by the colour yellow 💛💛💛 🌼( hoping my favourite colour gets passed on)