• I’m using the awkward nook in the baby room as a book space. I bought the yellow crate from La Redoute and the bird cage grid is leftover from our wedding a couple of years ago. It’s been fun collecting books over the past few weeks- today’s delivery is Wombat Stew, a favourite oldie from when I was a kid! ( it’s about a dingo capturing a wombat and other bush animals adding to the stew - can you tell my old school was mainly Australian?!)
  • Hey. Me and the bowling ball are doing good- we ate a salmon and cream cheese bagel for breakfast and feeling pretty goooood about it. Anyway, thought it was time for a Bump Update- hello 35 weeks! It’s all about loungewear and slippers to be honest. I spent half an hour sunbathing with the patio doors wide open, sucking up that Vitamin D and planning my next meal because FEED ME SEYMOUR! Never not hungry. ‘K bye, enjoy the sunshine ☀️
  • Still here, still pregnant. Weird things that have happened this week; hearing my hips pop and crack (you down with SPD? Who down with SPD? All the ladies!) Sorry #notnaughtybynature I shall carry on. The bus driver who SMILED and said hello to me as I stepped on (I’m still Tube > Bus however) We ate dinner outside. The blossom tree aka Popcorn tree has bloomed. I filled and bought a tote bag full of ice lollies (and a Dairy Milk) and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Apart from these floor tiles. They were a pretty good one too. And this cat print, because being a crazy cat lady has never felt so chic.
  • No sign of baby yet. I did spend 3 hours at the hospital on Saturday- went in for a repeat blood test, ended up being hooked up to a monitor! It was very confusing. But I did get a Twix out of it. Every midwife has told me to rest while I can, so I won’t lie- I have! Have been spending quality time in bed (and on the sofa) usually with a cat breathing heavily next to me. It’s nice. Now, back to Baby Watch. (P.s that stroke of white paint on the wall bugs me too! It’s from when the carpenter painted the cupboards. His paint work, not as good as his wood work 😑 I’ll fix it someday. In 2020. Maybe)
  • Last of the bump shots maybe? At this point our phones are constantly going off from well wishers asking if she’s here. So, naturally, I’ve been close to flinging my phone under the bed because there’s only so many times you can say no 🙈 This baby is COOKED. We’re over a week late! I have an induction booked for next week so fingers crossed she decides to vacate the premises some point before then! (Dress is an oldie from H&M and one of the few things left in my wardrobe that fits over this belly)
  • Same pic is on my Stories, but I know quite a big bunch of my followers don’t watch my Stories! I’m having my NCT Mum friends over for coffee this morning. We’ve got croissants, pain au chocolat, berries and a few bits for sweet tooth people like me! I may have already eaten half a bowl of blueberries though 😏
  • Ava Emme, born this morning after 39 hours in labour. Has her Daddy wrapped round her tiny fingers already. ❤️❤️❤️