Balance. Sadly, I’m not talking about the Nike kind. I’ve been feeling pulled into a million different directions recently. Probably more than recently in fact! 2014 has kept me on my toes. Building up a fledgling business, working on content for the blog, planning something *big* next yearish, trying to keep our home from drowning in dirty socks and dustballs, making time for friends, in fact, making time for my family. I’m sure they’ve forgotten my face. So- all these things I’m juggling, leaves me racked in guilt. I just don’t feel like I’m devoting enough time to anything.

I did think, perhaps a little naively, that working in a startup would mean a bit more flexibility of your time. I now find that there is no such thing. Those plans you made a few weeks ago, or maybe those fab tickets you bought? Well, sometimes you’ll just have to let those go.  Sometimes, Rob and I go through our weekend plans, just to make sure we’ve got time together! Its silly. Should I be getting up at 4am everyday? How do you find the time to fit this all in? Do you ever?

In other news, I wore a white shirt yesterday and it lasted 5 minutes before I got a smudge of dirt on it. That’s 4 minutes longer than I’ve ever managed before. Did anyone see that David Beckham documentary on TV the other night? Even in the remote Amazonian jungle, DB still manages to look stylish, sporting a sassy red bandana in his back pocket…and his white t shirt was IMMACULATE. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong. Or maybe my limbs are just more prone to flailing than the average person. Such is the mystery of life.



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