Hi there!  I am Angela;  A Londoner, cat botherer, a cook, a baker, and a really great nap taker. Likes taking pictures. Sometimes I travel & wear pretty things.

A British transplant, I grew up on the little island of Borneo, in a country called Brunei- surrounded by monkeys, purple buses and beaches. It was nice. There’s a little more explanation on my FAQ page.

In 2001, I moved to a little city called London and never left. It’s almost the same except pigeons have replaced monkeys, the buses are red and beaches…well, sometimes I see sand when the Thames is at low tide. So really, you can see why I feel at home here.

I live in North London with my husband Robin, two furry gremlins called Pepper & Louie, and oh,  we got married last year! I say dude and man a lot, like I’m the secret lovechild of The Dude and Phoebe from Friends. I like writing and waffling, peppered with a few dudes and mans.

If you like baking, or cooking, losing yourself in a book, shopping (online), dream of a beautiful Anthropologie worthy home, or are just after a few London tips, maybe you’ll like this place too! Fun is good.