Since discovering the handy dandy revelation that are US to UK mail forwarding services, I have become obsessed with Bath and Body Works candles. OBSESSED, I tell you. Whilst I appreciated the all-Pumpkin-everything in their Fall collection, it was their Winter holiday themed ones that I really looked forward to. When they had a Buy One Get One Free offer, I bought a few of the large candles and had them shipped over. Here are my picks!


White Woods, Pine Needles, Sparkling Clementine, Spiced Clove

Honestly- this smells like Orange flavour San Pellegrino.

…which is good!

It’s not what you’d expect for a Winter scent- it’s light and citrusy, with the tiniest hint of pine and wood to keep it seasonal. I don’t get any clove scent at all- which is good, because I find clove overpowering. Despite being a light and zingy scent, this works for Winter. The clementine and pine needle mix makes it festive enough to use for this time of year.

Verdict: 8/10


Crisp Red Apple, Green Fig, White Birch, Cedar

Now, this candle was a wild card pick. As I browsed the Bath and Body Works website, the description for Autumn Day just sounded so nice even though it was the winter themed ones I was after. It caught my eye after I saw that it had fig in it, and I love fig based scents.

There is definitely a mix of both the apple and fig and a small hint of cedar. It’s fresh and delicately fruity, without being overly sweet- so yes. This one was right up my street!

Verdict: 8/10


Baked Granny Smith Apple, Melted Brown Sugar, Flaky Homemade Crust

Ahhhh, Warm Apple Pie. This is my number one favourite scent of all Bath and Body Work candles. It smells exactly what it says on the tin- like hot buttery pie crust and apples. I can’t get enough of it and it’s crazy weird how it smells just like a freshly baked pie.

It’d be great to light when you have people come over, to create a cosy, hygge atmosphere. Perfect for all weather really! (and maybe even more so during GBBO!)

Verdict: 10/10


Toasted Marshmallow, Smoldering Woods, Fire Roasted Vanilla, Crystallised Amber

Right. I was a little bit wary when I added this to the basket. Marshmallow Fireside has rave reviews online that piqued my curiosity, but I was worried it would smell too sweet and sickly- a big no no for me.

Whilst it is sweet scented, it wasn’t as strong as I feared. There’s a definite toasted marshmallow scent and I can pick up the vanilla too. I didn’t detect any amber smell but there is a smoky undertone to the candle. I think I’ll get the full picture when I light this candle. Jury’s still out on this one, but I’m optimistic.

Verdict: 7/10

UPDATE! After burning this, I fell in LOVE with this candle. It isn’t overly sweet, and is just so addictive. 9/10


Silver Pine Needle, Clear Mountain Air, Cedarwood, Bay Leaf, Fir Balsam

Silver Pine and Cedar was another random pick from me and I’m SO glad I did because this is maybe my second favourite scent after Warm Apple Pie!

It has a nice authentic pine scent to it. Some pine products smell like Toilet Duck to me, but this one smelt natural. I don’t know about the ‘clear mountain air’ but the cedarwood and fir balsam is subtly in there. However, what makes this candle a winner for me, is the Bay Leaf.

I know- Bay Leaf? But if you are a fan of  Jo Malone’s Blackberry and Bay or even Diptyque’s Baies scents then you will enjoy this one too. The sweeter smelling elements combined with the bay leaf is just fresh and sophisticated.

Verdict: 9/10


Smoked Cedar, Clove Buds, Warm Rich Embers

Oh dear. Fireside. I had such high hopes for this candle! If a person could embody a candle, then Fireside would be that guy who thinks he’s really smooth, possibly drives an Audi TT and probably with the music volume turned all the way up.

What I was hoping for was a smoky, woodsy smell but what I got hit with was a noseful of cologne from a teenage boy’s bedroom. It’s a massive no from me.

Verdict: ZERO /10

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  • Kayleigh Tanner

    Wow, this is so lucky – I was JUST about to order a Fireside-scented wallflower from a UK Bath and Body Works Facebook group – thank god I read this in time! Loved this post, I think we have very similar taste in B&BW 🙂

    • Hi Kayleigh! I was so disappointed in Fireside but Marshmallow Fireside on the other hand is amazing (it’s my number one scented candle from BBW) so if you were after something cosy, that’d be right up your street. It’s not as sweet smelling as the name would suggest either so don’t let that put you off!

      • Kayleigh Tanner

        I’ve ummed and aahed over Marshmallow Fireside before for that exact reason – I’m not massively keen on the super sweet scents (other than Warm Vanilla Sugar which is amazing), but I’ll definitely look out for that next time!

  • Lauren Sarazen

    Oh man…I want Marshmallow Fireside! Can you get these guys in Europe?!

    • i get them from eBay mostly! but occasionally when there’s a sale on their website, I’ll use a mail forwarding service like MyUS to send them to me here in the UK 🙂

  • Emily B

    I love bath and body work candles! Winter is definitely one of my favorite scents of theirs!

    x Emily ||

  • Joanne

    Ahh loving the looks of these candles, this makes me want to buy some right now! <3 I think the Warm Apple Pie and the Autumn Day ones would definitely be my favourites.
    I've just stumbled upon your blog and I adore it, it's absolutely gorgeous! Would you like to follow each other maybe? Do let me know! Have a great rest of the week xo

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies

  • Ooooh, I though marshmallow was going to be great… looks like it ain’t! I’ve got my eyes on that warm apple pie one, though!

  • I’m a huge fan of sickly sweet scents so the marshmallow one actually sounds right up my street!

    Abigail Alice x

    • I lit this one last night actually and really like it! It is sweet but not overpowering and definitely heavier on the marshmallow side than anything smoky. They should have just called it Toasted Marshmallow!

  • Love all your descriptions of these! I think I smelled some of them when I was in one of the shops and agree, Fireside just did not smell good. Loved warm apple pie, but I also liked the pumpkin scents they had in the store! 🙂
    x Kenzie //

    • Poor Fireside is sitting in it’s carboard box, all rejected! I don’t know what to do with it now. I used to love Pumpkin Souffle from Anthropologie and was hoping to find something similar but was just overwhelmed with all the Pumpkin variations! (so I stuck to Warm Apple Pie!)

  • Wait hold up, there is actually a way to get Bath and Bodyworks stuff in the UK?! I didn’t know this, tell us your secrets! I have to admit I’d be dead basic and buy all the pumpkin candles but they just sound so cosyy!

    • I’ve used Viabox and MyUS to get my BBW hauls!

      Viabox is a bit cheaper, and even though I haven’t had any problems with it, the reviews don’t look great. Probably good for small purchases rather than big ones to minimise any risks. MyUS, again I’ve not had any problems with it but larger packages cost a fortune to ship over, so I don’t use it very often (as in, maybe once a year!)

      • Oohh wow so excited there is actually a way, will look into it thanks 😀