• Goodbye Forever & Hello Darling, you

    Five years ago, I created a blogspot account and called it The Awkward Blog. I didn’t give much thought as to what my end goal was, in fact, I don’t think I really had one at that point. I just wanted to do it. It’s been five years of London blogging. Five years of afternoon… View Post

    Goodbye Forever & Hello Darling, you
  • And Ava makes 3

    And, boom there she is! Ava Emme, born on the 17th May NOT a Godzilla baby but a respectable 7 pounder. My birth story will surface one day, but I will say it was a mostly positive story and definitely the most hardest and toughest thing I've ever done in my life. Thank you Midwives!… View Post
    And Ava makes 3
  • Pregnancy Diaries | Weeks 34-37

    So the nursery is mostly finished (no sign of the cot arriving any time soon, but that's not urgent) I've stocked up on nappies, water wipes and have put away more cute little rolls of sleepsuits and babygro's than I can count. My bag is packed and ready to go. There's not much left to do… View Post
    Pregnancy Diaries | Weeks 34-37
  • Cowshed’s Udderly Gorgeous Maternity Massage

    For my birthday last year, Robin bought me a voucher for a full body maternity massage at Cowshed- specifically, the Udderly Gorgeous Full Body massage. I decided to save it for when I really needed it, which turns out, is right about now! Seven months of pregnancy has given me a basketball belly and an… View Post
    Cowshed’s Udderly Gorgeous Maternity Massage

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Latest Finds

  • A sunbathing Louie, being photobombed by a breastfeeding pillow that I never used and have ended up using as a regular pillow- honestly, it’s so comfy. (I should make a list of baby items I never used!) We are off to the Walthamstow Wetlands this morning- we’ve never been!
  • Lunch last weekend, outside in the sunshine- complete opposite to today’s rainy weather! As we ate our tapas (a really great tapas restaurant btw) a pipe band paraded down the street and it was brilliant! Can’t wait to make E17 our home. Robin has taken Ava out for pizza again- which means I get a blissful Baby TV free hour or so to myself! Not really sure what to do- tidy up? Laundry? Sack it all off and just lie on the sofa for a bit? There’s chocolate in the fridge and a Harry Potter film to watch, brb.
  • Helloooo! We spent the afternoon at the Walthamstow Wetlands! Ava spent about 90% of it asleep in the sling and the rest of the time wanting to look at all the things. There was a strained plum faced situation at the Engine House cafe, but I am pleased to report their baby changing facilities are 👍🏼🙈 It was lovely walking along the quiet wetlands in the autumn sunshine; note to future self- go again.
  • One day, I will take my daughter to my place of birth, to my island in the sun. I will take her to the sandy beaches that saw hundreds of barbecues and hours of exploration, of lush jungles that we hashed through and swam in rock pools. I will point out my old house, that sat on the corner of the street overlooking lush jungle foliage, home to the monkeys that would raid our garden, and the countless sunsets and sunrises I watched from the balcony. I’d tell her what an amazing childhood I had there, that I wish I could give her one as great. That this little place on the map gave me the bestest friends I have ever had. This small, innocuous country that nobody gives much thought to, gave me my only sense of home. Brunei, you the best. Thanks for giving me a wonderful life. #beachlife #islandlife #borneo #explore
  • Autumn baby. It was too nice a day to stay home so I threw everything in the buggy and headed to the local park. An old scarf for a blanket for tummy time and we’re good! The park is dishing out all the autumn classics- crunchy leaves, squirrels and even sunshine. I was getting stressed AF at home over the lack of houses on the market but for a few minutes outdoors, everything felt fine.
  • Thanks @_alison_michel_ I LOVE THE FLORAL WREATH! I adore Rifle Paper Co and can’t wait to properly hang this inspired floral ring in Ava’s new nursery when we move 😍 (p.s close up on my Stories)
  • Daddy’s mini me- complete with enormous appetite and enthusiasm for early morning starts. The first swing of many in our (hopefully) new neighbourhood!