• Pregnancy Diaries | Weeks 34-37

    So the nursery is mostly finished (no sign of the cot arriving any time soon, but that's not urgent) I've stocked up on nappies, water wipes and have put away more cute little rolls of sleepsuits and babygro's than I can count. My bag is packed and ready to go. There's not much left to do… View Post
    Pregnancy Diaries | Weeks 34-37
  • Cowshed’s Udderly Gorgeous Maternity Massage

    For my birthday last year, Robin bought me a voucher for a full body maternity massage at Cowshed- specifically, the Udderly Gorgeous Full Body massage. I decided to save it for when I really needed it, which turns out, is right about now! Seven months of pregnancy has given me a basketball belly and an… View Post
    Cowshed’s Udderly Gorgeous Maternity Massage
  • Chapters of Cravings

    If my life was a book, the chapters would be named after food and cravings. I can't always specifically recall what I did last week or last month, but I can tell you what I had and where I was previous weekends with the food I ate. Strawberry ice cream was Friday night at home,… View Post
    Chapters of Cravings
  • My new Photography website

    Do you hear that? that's the sound of crickets on the Awkward blog. There's a good excuse why it went quiet for a week- I built another website! A photography one, and I love it. Awhile ago on Twitter I asked for a few blogger volunteers to do some photo shoots and Sade from In… View Post
    My new Photography website

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